The top 10 most controversial art pieces of all time

Art can be quite controversial at times. Throughout art history there have been numerous times when artists pushed the boundaries with their work and shocked the world. Below is a list of the 10 most controversial art pieces of all time.

The Last Judgment

Artist : Michelangelo

Time of making: 1536-1541

Michelangelo was one of the most known painters during the High Renaissance period. His painting, The Last Judgement, is located in Vatican City covering the whole altar of the Sistine Chapel. It depicts the Second Coming of Christ and the final judgement of humanity by God. What most people are not aware of is, that at the time of it’s creation all of the figures were completely nude. This resulted in a dispute between Michelangelo and the Catholic Church,which was outraged with the fact that Michelangelo depicted nude figures in a holy place. After his death, all the figures’ genitalia were painted over with draped fabrics.

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Artist: Picasso

Time of making: 1907

It’s no surprise that it was a Picasso’s painting among the ones that brought controversy to the world of art. Displayed in 1916,this large oil painting depicted five nude prostitutes and was thought to be too progressive, with many viewers calling it hideous. It is now located at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.


Artist: Picasso

Time of making: 1937

Another one of Pablo Picasso’s work, Guernica,-one of his most famous paintings-has been thought to be quite controversial. It depicts the massacre of the people of Guernica ,which happened in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. It’s an artistic outcry against fascism and remains until today a portrayal of every city ever bombed.It is now located in the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid.

Origin of the world

Artist: Gustave Courbet

Time of making: 1866

Courbet’s Origin of the world is a realistic,close-up depiction of a woman’s vagina,thighs and torso-so you can imagine how controversial it was for a 19th century painting. Nowadays,this revolutionary for it’s time piece of artwork,is located in the Orsay Museum in the city of Paris.

The Guitar Lesson

Artist: Balthus

Time of making: 1934

This painting is a disturbing depiction of pedophilia with the portrayal of an average student being grabbed by it’s hair and touched by her teacher. It’s as if the student is the guitar for the teacher to play-of course in a sexual way. Due to it’s controversity it has been passed between museums and collectors and hasn’t been on display since 1977.


Artist: Marcus Harvey

Time of making:1995

Marcus Harvey adapted a police mug shot of Myra Hindley, one of the Moors murderers onto a large scale canvas and displayed at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Due to the fact that she was among England’s most hated identities of mid 90’s, controversy -and success- followed.

The Holy Virgin Mary

Artist: Chris Ofili

Time of making: 1996

Chris Ofili’s The Holy Virgin Mary depicts a black Virgin Mary, surrounded by female genitalia and buttocks taken from pornography magazines. The painter’s aim was to raise awareness about racial stereotypes and the fact that in Western art all biblical figures are white. In 1999, it was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum in New York causing a big controversy. In fact, then mayor Rudolph Giuliani described the painting as sick and disgusting. As of October, 2019 it is displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Cut Piece

Artist: Yoko Ono

Time of making: 1964

Cut piece was not a painting, but an art performance. Yoko Ono invited each one of her audience to take a pair of scissors and cut a piece of her clothing while she sat there quiet.

Rhythm 0

Artist: Marina Abramovic

Time of making: 1974

Rhythm 0 was a six hour performance in which Abramovic provided her audience with 72 objects and called them to do whatever they desired. Among the objects were a feather, a rose, a chocolate cake,a piece of bread,honey but also scissors, a whip,and a gun loaded with one bullet. During the performance the audience became more and more violent,which resulted in Abramovic fearing for her life.

Piss Christ

Artist: Andres Serrano

Time of making: 1987

In 1987, Serrano put a small crucifix in a container of urine and created a print. Many people considered it a work of blasphemy,which resulted in him receiving a big amount of injunctions and death threats and the print destroyed by Christian protestors.

Fine Art Logisitcs Solutions for Transporting Your Artwork

Fine arts is one of the most divine creations of the human mind. Encompassing the art of painting, music, sculpture, and architecture, one might consider it as one of the most beautiful ways that a person could express their creativity. It captures the various moods of society and expresses it to the viewers without making use of any inherent language.

Its importance can only be stressed by its impact on the society and various historical events. Who would have known that the Statute of Liberty that millions of tourists flock every year to capture the beauty of this beautiful piece of work, would be symbolic of the countless immigrants who landed in the country in hope for a better life?

It is thus important that we treat these beautiful pieces with the utmost care. For any of you who have visited a museum would be aware of the countless rules and procedures that one needs to follow while being amongst these fine arts. These sculptures which are mostly prized historical artifacts are really fragile and thus need to be handled with the utmost care to prevent
damaging. Some of these works are often transported from an external source, some even from countries that are more than 8000 miles away. It is thus necessary that one utilize proper logistics when it comes to the handling these prized artifacts.

Some of the various modern-day fine art shipping hong kong solutions that are used for the transport can be summarized as follows:

1) Air:

Air transport has revolutionized the way that things travel in the modern world. With millions of freight flights
scheduled every day, no package is more than a few hours away from the source. Air travel so far is the fastest logistical solutions when it comes to transport your fine art from point A to point B.Most modern-day art gallery owners depend on
air freight when it comes to transporting their prized art. Most air transport specialists ensure that the clients are made aware of the various safety arrangements that their efficient service features to ensure that the customers feel comfortable while handing them over their prized goods. These companies also have couriers who are specially trained to ensure that these goods travel safely from the source to the exhibition room.However, while it may be fast, it may end up costing more as compared to the various other methods making smaller art houses a little reluctant when it comes to utilising them. Also, more often than not in many cases, it becomes impossible to transport certain articles like large paintings and sculptures owing to their inability to fit within the cargo hold of the aircraft. This still doesn’t deny the fact that air transport
still continues to be the most excellent way to transport fine art.


For smaller art houses, where time may not be much of a constraint, the historical sea transport option is really
efficient. This mode of transport is the most ideal when it comes to the transport of work and sculptures that are too large for a cargo hold of an aircraft. It is also ideal for a large-scale exhibition which involves a large number of works owing to their cheaper cost when compared to the air option. This, however, requires a sufficient amount of prior planning to ensure its viability owing to the longer duration of transporting by sea.

Most of the sea transport companies maintain logistical solutions that are tailor-made for the handling of these delicate fine art. These include a fleet of specially designed vehicles with air suspensions to protect the fine art during its transport.


If you prefer a logistical solution that is both cost and time efficient than road transport is the ideal solutions for you. Being incredibly cheaper than the other options, it enables small arthouses to efficiently transport their art between various sources.

While it requires adequate prior planning due to its longer logistical service time, most modern day logistics services
are incredibly utilizing modern IOT technologies that can be easily tracked to offer solutions that are comparable to both the air and sea alternatives. Your delicate fine art is also carried in a fleet of specially designed vehicles equipped with air suspension and climate control that ensure that your work reaches you safely.

Best Places To Hunt Game Meat In The United States

Hunting is a sport that provides adventure and excitement. For a person to locate the right place for hunting, he or she must have the skills and mindset that assist in planning during hunting. It is necessary to locate the right ground for hunting for a good hunt. Due to an increase in some hunters the hunting ground is decreasing, however, there is still some best place to hunt in the United States. Therefore for somebody to locate he or she must consider the following factors.

Hire a broker so that he or she can help you to locate the best place for hunting. The brokers can help to locate the sale or lease land for hunting. Also, they help in locating the seasonal land for hunting. Here are the benefits experienced when you use a broker to locate land for hunting.

Good hunt; since you have located best land for hunting at least, somebody can have control over it and gain more hunt, unlike others.

A person can also determine the right time to hunt, thus giving ample time during the season.
Smaller obligations; A person will experience less competition when he or she uses a broker, here a person doesn’t need to cultivate and improve land all the years. You only need to locate an ideal hunting ground.

Thus it will provide you will hunting environment all seasons. Be sure that you choose the best land for hunting thus avoiding deficiency and gain maximum benefits.

Less competition; although hunting is competition and sports activities, some of the hunters only do it for the hunt while others do it for job and survival. Therefore leasing your property can reduce unnecessary competition. With those surprising benefits of brokers, the hunter will enjoy maximum. Here is the best place to hunt while in the United States.


For many decades Kentucky has been the best place for hunting this because the place is green and long season place where you can get deer, also the place has so many sources of water.


This is one of the Midwestern states for hunting, Indiana offers 0.084% chance of taking a Booner, this state if best known for hunting in the country. Indiana is also among the top 10 in B&C entries over the last 20 years, despite having a lot of pressure the hunters enjoy 50% success rate.


In several online and TV are showing that hunting from Missouri for the last several years has been great radar for many people in the United States.

Other best place for hunting is Illinois, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois.
Hunting is an act that brings together a family member; it is an adventure and fun moment together with others. Moreso when its done on the grounds that are not seasonal. Hunting is only a basic interest however it contributes what we are present. Numerous years back they do hunting as a profession, however, time pass it similarly as straightforward as pastime yet the fundamental destinations remains; it gives us the sustenance we share.

What are the best photo editing tools on mac that can make you a pro

1.Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a little bit expensive but it is made for real profesionals. Amateurs can try this program when they really want to learn something about photo editing. Makers wanted to make a program which would contain a packet of profesional functions.

Fox example you can get colour space support which is really need in industry print. Raw image support is built in also.

Affinity photo is a tool which makes needed improvement. It is doing it like riding Bugatti Veyron to Sainshury´s. This spplication is real competitor to Adobe Photoshoop and despite the price is really profitable.


This application is really famous and liked in the world of Mac. The combination of quality and the money you paid for the tool make from it the best replacement of Photoshop.

The truth is that Adobe has a real affection on Pixelmator but you can find there a lot of different and useful tools and this all set to the backround, which looks really nice conforms to Mac style.

While Clone and Heal tool are in the application others like Patch tool or History brush aren´t. But this is the work of Pixelmator – to make thing easier and thanks to that it finds user who use at not daily but occasionaly.

3.DxO OpticsPro for Photos

In DxO OpticsPro there are a lot of thing which you can like. The main disdvantage is however, the time you spend for trying to make the picture bigger or for moving the picture to other position.

Usually the time you spent for making the picture smaller or bigger is few seconds, on slower computer it is a little bit more. The maximum zoom of the picture is 200%.

This application nearest competitor is Capture One Pro but DxO Optics Pro is much cheaper and also is easier to control.

4.PhotoDirector 9

Photo Director 9 may seem like a dark horse between Mac photo editors. At the begining you can see only organisating and sharing features. But when you dig deaper you will find very useful tools for picture editing. This all despite the fact that application doesn´t use ordinary tools, for example like photoshop uses brush.

This application has firm position in seling area. Unlike most photo-editing we know this app contains many more options for photo editing. The app is not based on tools but prefers the picture take way through edits and improvements.

5.Capture One Pro 10

Capture One Pro 10 is made for real profesionals. After we open the up it tells us that we are in profesional area because it is backed up by the all-black users interface.

This application is made to help the ones who loves photographing, for those ones who know how to create new ways for making fast pictures profesional quality and also gives them home.

We are not sure it the market with photo editors for Mac can offer something stronger and better than is this one. The backround of the app may sometimes seems little like maze but after longtime usage you will be there like at home.

What does Amazon have planned in the near future?

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world with its presence known and seen in most parts of world. It all started from an online book store to sales in everything from songs, movies, games, electronics, furniture, food and clothes etc. Amazon has been changing tactics year after year by entering market that had been monopolized by other businesses or by venturing into businesses that have not been actualized and have been creating waves in the business community while creating a lot of revenue from different venture that people had not seen as viable in the past.

The dream of Amazon is to dominate the world in retail and has been seen by how the company has been buying out big companies like the Washington post which is among the oldest newspaper with a reputation second to none joining the media industry also it bought whole foods market which is a chain of chain of supermarkets that specialized on natural foods. The buying of these major companies
symbolizes the dream to invest more and more in all the sectors of business and the only question would what is the next move?

The company has top minds in their board of directors who are think tanks on their own and
when brought together we expect even better things to happen for Amazon. The milestones that have been done are great and now the company has to solidify all the businesses they have taken over. When we look at the whole food market has been turned to Amazon Fresh and the brand has to be marketed enough for consumer confidence.

Knowing that the online market is becoming congested with new comers with deep pockets, it has led to the development of digital ad platform for other e-commerce companies and video products to be
advertised immediately they release new product. This will include sponsored ads and mobile ads corresponding to products being watched on TV or online.

The next big thing is the Amazon Go store where the supermarket has all type of products that a general store has but what make the store different from all the others is that it does not have cashiers for payment making it hustle free when leaving the store with the products. The store is installed with state of the art technology where only clients with the Amazon application can shop and
while you pick your products your online virtual cart is also filled with the same product simultaneously and when you pass through the readers you are charged and a receipt of transaction is issued from the application to your cell phone. The number of cameras in the store are in thousands ensuring that efficiency is maintained and that when the customer checks in to when he/she checks out the system takes care of everything.

It is believed by many that Amazon is after more and more retailers in an effort to solidify their presence in the retail market but only time will tell.

The 10 Coolest Desert and Mountain Regions in the United States to visit

The United States actually has everything starting from the tundra region, the temperate climate, wetlands, beaches,
forests, deserts, and mountains. So you can say a bit of almost everything and the best part is if it is a road trip and you have some serious adrenaline pumping adventure sports on your bucket list like bungee jumping, hiking, climbing, parasailing, rafting and biking, your vacation in the US is going to be fabulous. Let us check out some of the coolest mountain and desert regions in the States to visit.

· Homer Alaska:

This place has become an adventure tourist capital because of its great combination of mountain and sea and its
breathing scenery. Hiking on the Kenai Peninsula in the morning and sea kayaking on the Kachemak Bay in the afternoon has become a popular activity there for Alaskan and out of the town travelers.

· Springdale, Utah:

Springdale has become popular for tourist not only because of its mountain but due to its gorgeous canyons. The Zion national park became the majestic background of Springdale influencing travelers all across the globe.

· Park city, Utah:

People outside the town may say there are lots of luxurious resort and restaurants in the park city along with the
glamour Sundance film festival. So why does it fall under this category? If you really want to enjoy biking or hiking, you should visit the hills there. With its jaw-dropping scenery, the hills and the connector trail surrounding the town forms a perfect example of adventure sports.

· Picacho, Arizona:

How many of you like ostrich farms? In the middle of Arizona lies the beautiful landscape of Picacho surrounded by the strange looking rocks and the mountain peaks. The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch is worth to visit while you are on the way to Tucson.

· Talkeetna, Alaska:

It is a beautiful white town surrounded by thick forests and wild bears in the woods. During the summer Talkeetna
becomes an activity spot for travelers. The town bustles with internationalntourists putting base camps in the Talkeetna Mountains and taking part inhiking and fishing in the remote lakes.

· Climb Ouray, Colorado: The Ouray Ice Park is a beautiful destination in the San Juan Mountains. It belongs to one of the best ice routes in the world. The snow-capped area and the amazing scenic beauty continues to draw visitors deep into the hills.

· Lake Almanor area, California: Lake Almanor serves a great spot for swimming, tubing, kayaking, and canoeing. The meadows look perfect with its beautiful in. It is actually the meeting point of the Cascades and Sierra Nevadas in North Eastern California. You will enjoy the kokanee salmon due to its awesome fishing area.

· Marfa, Texas: It’s a cold desert town in Texas. Marfa is included in the list of “Awesome Little Town”. In the middle of the
desert, there is a tiny Prada museum which is mainly known for its arts and paranormal activities. That is why sometimes Marfa is referred to as ghost towns due to its creative kinds of house.

· Palm Desert: Residents of Palm spring lives in Palm Desert and the reviews of this place are great. Everything is available therefor a holiday package including shopping, dining, golfing, and a number of outdoor adventures make this a great place to stay.

Lake Placid, New York: If you want to go for a mountain vacation, Lake Placid is the best place to go. The two-time
Olympic host town best known for American sports, warm-weather golfing in Westport Country Club, Saranac Lake Golf Club or Ticonderoga Country Club. the country’s oldest mountain for vacations mainly for its amazing scene

How Drone Photography Changes the game during travel and on Instagram

For the last couple of years, drones have become so affordable that we can now genuinely talk about a drone footage movement that is rapidly growing on the internet. It all makes perfect sense – internet is always hungry for new exciting and unorthodox content and drone footage is exactly that, and more.

But, drones weren’t always considered so benign and fun. At the beginning of the 2000s, they were used in military actions, and everybody was talking about mysterious “drone strikes”. Some years later, Amazon began delivering their orders by drones, and gradually the term lost its negative connotation. Now, personal drones can be seen flying around and taking beautiful footage or just crashing hilariously. You only need one more ingredient for a perfect match and that ingredient is social media.

However, it is another modern invention that paved the way for the drone photography in the online universe. It all began with GoPro compact cameras which became very popular with people who wanted to document their extreme outdoor adventures. Those footages were always difficult and above all expensive to make using conventional cameras and equipment, and once GoPro came, internet was full of first-person footages of all kinds of adventures. And then, somebody thought that it would be a good idea to put a GoPro camera on a drone. An was he right. Since then, camera-equipped drones became a huge hit.

Now, you can go on an adventure or just travel around the world and pack your drone in a backpack with you and come back home with an award winning footage. Drones are a perfect tool to capture the landscape you are in because they provide the sense of moving through space, and encapsulate the viewers as if they are part of the adventure. And you can be positive that those kinds of videos and photographs are more than welcome on social media, above all Instagram.

Instagram has already made millions of amateur photographers into professionals who live off their work, but the arrival of the drones and aerial footages gave a new dimension to the whole game. Now, we can see parts of the world we never imagined to visit in such spectacular fashion and we just need to glance at our phone.

Travel photography has been widely affected. Professional photographers that use drones for their art are discussing what are the best ways to travel when you carry a drone, and how to avoid law problems in different countries when making aerial footages. And it all pays off once you upload that footage on your Instagram and start counting the likes.

According to Instagram, there are currently 4,822,943 posts tagged with #drone and 1,588,721 posts using #dronestagram. You can find accounts like #fromwhereidrone (136k followers), dronenerds (201k followers) and #chaseguttman who has 50.5k people enjoying his aerial work. And with the introduction of video, Instagram only accelerated the rise of the drone community on social media.

The world is literally in the palm of our hands with drone footages around the globe, but there is a concern here that needs to be taken into consideration. With so many personal drones flying around, one has to ask himself, how long will it take for some incident to occur that will probably change everything. Some countries already have strict laws about drones, and by the looks of it, more will follow, so it is best to enjoy these fabulous footages while we can.

How people have started making money through their travels by posting on social media

During the early years, travel blogging was not very lucrative but rather a very exhausting kind of business. However, in recent years it has turned out to be the best paying kind of business one can engage in. It is true that travel blogging is exhausting, but the returns are worth. You could be asking yourself the question of how one can make money through travel blogging.

There is no need to worry anymore because I will explore different ways in which individuals earn through travel blogging. However one need to understand that the best way to make through travel blogging is by doing something you are good at and one that you love most.

Here are seven ways in which travel bloggers make money.

#1. Affiliate partnerships

This is where a travel blogger links back to a retail website. In this case, if the reader makes purchases after following the link the blogger gets paid by the retailer because of his referral. A blogger in most cases makes references on products like travel insurance and hotels.

#2. Press trips

Bloggers get paid by tour companies, tourism boards or hotels to experience the facility, area or service during a press trip and sharing them with their followers through pictures, videos, and stories. Some bloggers who have been in the business for long and are fantastic photographers earn up to $10,000 for a trip, but they are very few.

#3. Sponsored campaigns

This involves posting product or services on social media and getting paid. It is similar to traditional advertising and may range from blog posts to banner ads. Most travel bloggers limit it to one post, and sometimes they try out the product before promoting it. One can charge as low as $50, but those who have in business for long can charge more.

#4. Freelance writing

Various websites engage some bloggers as freelance travel writers. One can make money ranging from $20 up to $500 for a single post. The earnings will purely be dependent on the nature of the post and site. Some of the biggest names will pay their writers even up to$2000 per job.

#5. Social media promotion

Some of the companies hire bloggers to run their social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The bloggers get paid for sharing the company’s thoughts and photos. The bloggers will take over the company’s account and hold conversations with their followers through twitter chats on company’s product and services. One can make up to $350 on a twitter chat, but an Instagram takeover can pay up to $750.

#6. Google AdSense

Many bloggers use Google AdSense even though it is not a significant income stream. Google Adsense allows Google to advertise company’s products and in that case, the blogger gets paid for exposure. For a blogger to see much cash in Google AdSense, he needs a high volume of traffic.A

#7. Photography and videography

This is a significant income stream for most travel bloggers. The company will hire a blogger to take photos of their properties, and in return, they get paid. The payment will be dependent on the use of the picture. For exclusive photos, a blogger can charge up to $ 1000 or more.

How new job avenues have been opened up through the interne

Advances in Information Technology – especially with social media and data sharing have opened up a host of new opportunities for people. The ability to have a virtual office while on a beach in Thailand or on the train from Madrid to Spain have created opportunities that were unknown even until ten years back. This has opened up new time slots for working and increased the number of productive hours a person has.

The line between a regular job and entrepreneurship is blurring. Better cameras are creating a new breed of photographers. The sharing economy is creating a new breed of entrepreneurs and blogging requirements are creating a new breed of writers and authors.

New perspectives are now more easily available than ever. Moreover, with such niches developing, brands are finding a more cost-effective way to reach out to audiences. As Artificial Intelligence looms and threatens to take away 80% of regular jobs, the nature of a regular job as a source of income is also changing. There are quite a few key trends that can be seen.

Blogging and microblogging: Lifestyle magazines including those related to travel have been around for ages. Earlier there were a few major brands that played the role of the influencer. Individuals with limited resources did not have that opportunity. However, now, with the ability to set up ones own website almost for free, and the ability to get on social media platforms actually for free, individuals are able to free up their time to do what they love best. A traveller can travel the world and still find sources of income online. An aspiring chef does not need a restaurant and a Michelin star to tell the world about his or her new recipe. A gourmand can be a food critic and endorse restaurants and cafes.

Ad-hoc assignments: Websites like Freelancer and Upwork are providing a great avenue to connect with those needing small assignments done. This can be done as a past time and can be monetised. Those who used to keep journals can now write online. A website developer can now showcase his work halfway across the world. A designer sitting in Zimbabwe can create a brand identity for a small enterprise based out of Alaska. These assignments are not only creating more professionals in this field, but also motivating others with a flair for such creative pursuits to earn a little extra on the side.

Sharing Economy: One of tour-de-forces over the last few years, the sharing economy has had its ups and downs. But there are some remarkable stories. This includes how a family listed their home in Kenya on airbnb and through the earnings, funded their son’s education. Then there is the story of Uber drivers in Seattle earning a little extra from their cars to fund their startups. Housewives in India are earning more by cooking for strangers through dedicated food startups and are thus gaining more financial independence.

All this does require effort. But with barriers to entry at a minimum, it is great to see the democratisation of such skills. If aspirants are willing to put in the hard work, they can easily have 2 jobs or earn their living while doing what they love.

Insight of 3 to 4 cameras to be launched in 2017

Photography used to be a resilient art before smartphones were invented. Smartphones aid a lot of users to capture stellar photos and even edit them as per their desire. However, shooting with an actual camera is a different ballgame altogether. Editing of images may be effortless with the help of Photoshop and other photo editing tools but capturing a moment with a lens is sheer artistry. Affirmation of the release of some new generation cameras in 2017 have certainly broadened the spectrum for shutterbugs.

Fujifilm X-T20 is one such camera expected to be out in the market by mid-2017. Outstanding features and a durable exterior urges professional photographers to indulge in this device. With a 4k quality video recording, a 24.3MP APS-C sensor, a 49-point auto-focus arrangement and a gigantic OLED viewfinder, this camera is worth a buy at $1035 approximately. A handy and modernized touchscreen is also introduced assisting in setting up the focal point.

The Panasonic LUMIX G5 is yet another marvelous creation expected to hit the markets by the summer of 2017. An absolute professional gear making 4k video recording effortless, a frame rate of 60fps with a 10-bit depth of color is certainly a blessing for any professional photographer. A 16MP sensor is recouped with a 20.3MP sensor. An enduring waterproof exterior also protects the device from any damage or impairment. Priced at $2199 this gear works definitely the best in the hands of a skilled personnel.

Portraying your skills under low-light becomes painless with the Pentax KP; a brand which has been off-market for a long time now is surely the one which will stun the stands in due time. This camera provides a humongous sensitivity with an ISO 819,200 whereas other products with similar prices can only bear an ISO 25,600 or ISO 56,200. Low-light photography would excel under the influence of a swifter shutter-speed compared to other cameras in store. Capturing a sky full of stars with an extraordinary focus provides a slighter edge for astrophotographers. At a pretty cheap rate of $1422 this camera would portray objects up in the sky which are surely invisible to the naked eye.

Speaking of high end cameras, the Fujifilm GFX-50S at a price tag of $8019 is brewing a lot of expectations among professionals. A medium sized camera with an enormous 51.4MP sensor is double the size of a full frame sensor. Billboard quality shots can be captured with ease using the GFX-50S. Compared to any other product in the market with similar features this amenity is definitely priced at a super-economical rate.

These genius creations have not only facilitated videography and photography in movies and graphic novels, but has also cooperated certain governing bodies to track down sites or targets. One such gear used for such operations is the Go-Pro karma. Although, the release of this futuristic drone has been delayed slightly due to battery issues; this quadcopter capturing aerial images and footages at 30fps is the one the world has been lingering for. Beware of your actions and your whereabouts in the future because there will be an airborne object hovering right above you!