How people have started making money through their travels by posting on social media

During the early years, travel blogging was not very lucrative but rather a very exhausting kind of business. However, in recent years it has turned out to be the best paying kind of business one can engage in. It is true that travel blogging is exhausting, but the returns are worth. You could be asking yourself the question of how one can make money through travel blogging.

There is no need to worry anymore because I will explore different ways in which individuals earn through travel blogging. However one need to understand that the best way to make through travel blogging is by doing something you are good at and one that you love most.

Here are seven ways in which travel bloggers make money.

#1. Affiliate partnerships

This is where a travel blogger links back to a retail website. In this case, if the reader makes purchases after following the link the blogger gets paid by the retailer because of his referral. A blogger in most cases makes references on products like travel insurance and hotels.

#2. Press trips

Bloggers get paid by tour companies, tourism boards or hotels to experience the facility, area or service during a press trip and sharing them with their followers through pictures, videos, and stories. Some bloggers who have been in the business for long and are fantastic photographers earn up to $10,000 for a trip, but they are very few.

#3. Sponsored campaigns

This involves posting product or services on social media and getting paid. It is similar to traditional advertising and may range from blog posts to banner ads. Most travel bloggers limit it to one post, and sometimes they try out the product before promoting it. One can charge as low as $50, but those who have in business for long can charge more.

#4. Freelance writing

Various websites engage some bloggers as freelance travel writers. One can make money ranging from $20 up to $500 for a single post. The earnings will purely be dependent on the nature of the post and site. Some of the biggest names will pay their writers even up to$2000 per job.

#5. Social media promotion

Some of the companies hire bloggers to run their social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The bloggers get paid for sharing the company’s thoughts and photos. The bloggers will take over the company’s account and hold conversations with their followers through twitter chats on company’s product and services. One can make up to $350 on a twitter chat, but an Instagram takeover can pay up to $750.

#6. Google AdSense

Many bloggers use Google AdSense even though it is not a significant income stream. Google Adsense allows Google to advertise company’s products and in that case, the blogger gets paid for exposure. For a blogger to see much cash in Google AdSense, he needs a high volume of traffic.A

#7. Photography and videography

This is a significant income stream for most travel bloggers. The company will hire a blogger to take photos of their properties, and in return, they get paid. The payment will be dependent on the use of the picture. For exclusive photos, a blogger can charge up to $ 1000 or more.