Insight of 3 to 4 cameras to be launched in 2017

Photography used to be a resilient art before smartphones were invented. Smartphones aid a lot of users to capture stellar photos and even edit them as per their desire. However, shooting with an actual camera is a different ballgame altogether. Editing of images may be effortless with the help of Photoshop and other photo editing tools but capturing a moment with a lens is sheer artistry. Affirmation of the release of some new generation cameras in 2017 have certainly broadened the spectrum for shutterbugs.

Fujifilm X-T20 is one such camera expected to be out in the market by mid-2017. Outstanding features and a durable exterior urges professional photographers to indulge in this device. With a 4k quality video recording, a 24.3MP APS-C sensor, a 49-point auto-focus arrangement and a gigantic OLED viewfinder, this camera is worth a buy at $1035 approximately. A handy and modernized touchscreen is also introduced assisting in setting up the focal point.

The Panasonic LUMIX G5 is yet another marvelous creation expected to hit the markets by the summer of 2017. An absolute professional gear making 4k video recording effortless, a frame rate of 60fps with a 10-bit depth of color is certainly a blessing for any professional photographer. A 16MP sensor is recouped with a 20.3MP sensor. An enduring waterproof exterior also protects the device from any damage or impairment. Priced at $2199 this gear works definitely the best in the hands of a skilled personnel.

Portraying your skills under low-light becomes painless with the Pentax KP; a brand which has been off-market for a long time now is surely the one which will stun the stands in due time. This camera provides a humongous sensitivity with an ISO 819,200 whereas other products with similar prices can only bear an ISO 25,600 or ISO 56,200. Low-light photography would excel under the influence of a swifter shutter-speed compared to other cameras in store. Capturing a sky full of stars with an extraordinary focus provides a slighter edge for astrophotographers. At a pretty cheap rate of $1422 this camera would portray objects up in the sky which are surely invisible to the naked eye.

Speaking of high end cameras, the Fujifilm GFX-50S at a price tag of $8019 is brewing a lot of expectations among professionals. A medium sized camera with an enormous 51.4MP sensor is double the size of a full frame sensor. Billboard quality shots can be captured with ease using the GFX-50S. Compared to any other product in the market with similar features this amenity is definitely priced at a super-economical rate.

These genius creations have not only facilitated videography and photography in movies and graphic novels, but has also cooperated certain governing bodies to track down sites or targets. One such gear used for such operations is the Go-Pro karma. Although, the release of this futuristic drone has been delayed slightly due to battery issues; this quadcopter capturing aerial images and footages at 30fps is the one the world has been lingering for. Beware of your actions and your whereabouts in the future because there will be an airborne object hovering right above you!