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10 fun things you can do with your dogs or cats

Dogs and cats are like human best friend. They could understand better our feelings without we need to express to them. Over time dogs and cats will learn to understand what certain human communication sounds mean. They do recognize words that we frequently utter to them. Let say we call our cat’s name “Nala”, after few times she will acknowledge that is her name and would come to us. Same goes to dogs which have smarter thinking compared to cats. The uniqueness of these animals have made human love them more and more and feels like they are our own family.

1. Play with Them

Since they are our favourite pets, what should we do to ensure they have fun life with us? Here are 10 fun things you can do with your dogs and cats. First, if you are someone who has very busy life and always leave your pets at home during your working hours, make sure after returning home you spend your time to the fullest with them. Pets need attention, just like human beings. Do not leave your pets in a cage since they have very limited freedom if you do this. Just let them walk around your house during your absence and leave adequate foods and drinks for them. Everytime you return home, cheer them up by playing with them since they really miss you when you are not around.

2. Bring for a Walk

If you have extra time after returning from work, bring your pets for a walk around your residential area. 30 minutes’ walk is enough to make your pets happy and tighten the bonding between you and them. Animals need to socialize just like us hence do not ignore their desire to meet new people and friends.

3. Backpack

Do you know that most animals love to travel just like us? Yes they do. They have the same enjoyable instinct whenever they sees new place and could easily adapt with new environment if you practice this to them since they are small. However, if you want to travel to places with trekking activity, ask for guidance from traveler expert since cats and dogs have different physical fitness from us.

4. Day Trips

Instead of accompany them for a walk, how about taking them for car ride? Yes some pets afraid of being in a car since it is a completely different place for them. If you trained them to take a car ride, they will get used to it and getting more excited than you during the ride.

5. Bring them to park

This is a place where your pets can play as long as they want and they are free to step on everywhere. They could make more friends from here.

6. Frisbee

Frisbee training is the smartest way to train your pets becoming active and healthy. Besides of you enjoying the bond with the pet, you could also help your pets to stimulate their brain.

7. Buy them Games

Easiest way to make your pets enjoy at home is provide them with several games such as ball or boxes where they could hide themselves and play with it.

8. Shower Them

Pets really enjoy when you shower them since this could show your sense of care to them and clean their body.

9. Talk to Them

Yes it sounds a bit weird, but pets are really happy when you talk to them. At some point, they could understand what you are saying

10. Sleep with Them

Sleep with your pets could make them feel more comfortable and protected. Spend this tie wisely with your pets.