What does Amazon have planned in the near future?

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world with its presence known and seen in most parts of world. It all started from an online book store to sales in everything from songs, movies, games, electronics, furniture, food and clothes etc. Amazon has been changing tactics year after year by entering market that had been monopolized by other businesses or by venturing into businesses that have not been actualized and have been creating waves in the business community while creating a lot of revenue from different venture that people had not seen as viable in the past.

The dream of Amazon is to dominate the world in retail and has been seen by how the company has been buying out big companies like the Washington post which is among the oldest newspaper with a reputation second to none joining the media industry also it bought whole foods market which is a chain of chain of supermarkets that specialized on natural foods. The buying of these major companies
symbolizes the dream to invest more and more in all the sectors of business and the only question would what is the next move?

The company has top minds in their board of directors who are think tanks on their own and
when brought together we expect even better things to happen for Amazon. The milestones that have been done are great and now the company has to solidify all the businesses they have taken over. When we look at the whole food market has been turned to Amazon Fresh and the brand has to be marketed enough for consumer confidence.

Knowing that the online market is becoming congested with new comers with deep pockets, it has led to the development of digital ad platform for other e-commerce companies and video products to be
advertised immediately they release new product. This will include sponsored ads and mobile ads corresponding to products being watched on TV or online.

The next big thing is the Amazon Go store where the supermarket has all type of products that a general store has but what make the store different from all the others is that it does not have cashiers for payment making it hustle free when leaving the store with the products. The store is installed with state of the art technology where only clients with the Amazon application can shop and
while you pick your products your online virtual cart is also filled with the same product simultaneously and when you pass through the readers you are charged and a receipt of transaction is issued from the application to your cell phone. The number of cameras in the store are in thousands ensuring that efficiency is maintained and that when the customer checks in to when he/she checks out the system takes care of everything.

It is believed by many that Amazon is after more and more retailers in an effort to solidify their presence in the retail market but only time will tell.