What are the best photo editing tools on mac that can make you a pro

1.Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a little bit expensive but it is made for real profesionals. Amateurs can try this program when they really want to learn something about photo editing. Makers wanted to make a program which would contain a packet of profesional functions.

Fox example you can get colour space support which is really need in industry print. Raw image support is built in also.

Affinity photo is a tool which makes needed improvement. It is doing it like riding Bugatti Veyron to Sainshury´s. This spplication is real competitor to Adobe Photoshoop and despite the price is really profitable.


This application is really famous and liked in the world of Mac. The combination of quality and the money you paid for the tool make from it the best replacement of Photoshop.

The truth is that Adobe has a real affection on Pixelmator but you can find there a lot of different and useful tools and this all set to the backround, which looks really nice conforms to Mac style.

While Clone and Heal tool are in the application others like Patch tool or History brush aren´t. But this is the work of Pixelmator – to make thing easier and thanks to that it finds user who use at not daily but occasionaly.

3.DxO OpticsPro for Photos

In DxO OpticsPro there are a lot of thing which you can like. The main disdvantage is however, the time you spend for trying to make the picture bigger or for moving the picture to other position.

Usually the time you spent for making the picture smaller or bigger is few seconds, on slower computer it is a little bit more. The maximum zoom of the picture is 200%.

This application nearest competitor is Capture One Pro but DxO Optics Pro is much cheaper and also is easier to control.

4.PhotoDirector 9

Photo Director 9 may seem like a dark horse between Mac photo editors. At the begining you can see only organisating and sharing features. But when you dig deaper you will find very useful tools for picture editing. This all despite the fact that application doesn´t use ordinary tools, for example like photoshop uses brush.

This application has firm position in seling area. Unlike most photo-editing we know this app contains many more options for photo editing. The app is not based on tools but prefers the picture take way through edits and improvements.

5.Capture One Pro 10

Capture One Pro 10 is made for real profesionals. After we open the up it tells us that we are in profesional area because it is backed up by the all-black users interface.

This application is made to help the ones who loves photographing, for those ones who know how to create new ways for making fast pictures profesional quality and also gives them home.

We are not sure it the market with photo editors for Mac can offer something stronger and better than is this one. The backround of the app may sometimes seems little like maze but after longtime usage you will be there like at home.