The 10 Coolest Desert and Mountain Regions in the United States to visit

The United States actually has everything starting from the tundra region, the temperate climate, wetlands, beaches,
forests, deserts, and mountains. So you can say a bit of almost everything and the best part is if it is a road trip and you have some serious adrenaline pumping adventure sports on your bucket list like bungee jumping, hiking, climbing, parasailing, rafting and biking, your vacation in the US is going to be fabulous. Let us check out some of the coolest mountain and desert regions in the States to visit.

· Homer Alaska:

This place has become an adventure tourist capital because of its great combination of mountain and sea and its
breathing scenery. Hiking on the Kenai Peninsula in the morning and sea kayaking on the Kachemak Bay in the afternoon has become a popular activity there for Alaskan and out of the town travelers.

· Springdale, Utah:

Springdale has become popular for tourist not only because of its mountain but due to its gorgeous canyons. The Zion national park became the majestic background of Springdale influencing travelers all across the globe.

· Park city, Utah:

People outside the town may say there are lots of luxurious resort and restaurants in the park city along with the
glamour Sundance film festival. So why does it fall under this category? If you really want to enjoy biking or hiking, you should visit the hills there. With its jaw-dropping scenery, the hills and the connector trail surrounding the town forms a perfect example of adventure sports.

· Picacho, Arizona:

How many of you like ostrich farms? In the middle of Arizona lies the beautiful landscape of Picacho surrounded by the strange looking rocks and the mountain peaks. The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch is worth to visit while you are on the way to Tucson.

· Talkeetna, Alaska:

It is a beautiful white town surrounded by thick forests and wild bears in the woods. During the summer Talkeetna
becomes an activity spot for travelers. The town bustles with internationalntourists putting base camps in the Talkeetna Mountains and taking part inhiking and fishing in the remote lakes.

· Climb Ouray, Colorado: The Ouray Ice Park is a beautiful destination in the San Juan Mountains. It belongs to one of the best ice routes in the world. The snow-capped area and the amazing scenic beauty continues to draw visitors deep into the hills.

· Lake Almanor area, California: Lake Almanor serves a great spot for swimming, tubing, kayaking, and canoeing. The meadows look perfect with its beautiful in. It is actually the meeting point of the Cascades and Sierra Nevadas in North Eastern California. You will enjoy the kokanee salmon due to its awesome fishing area.

· Marfa, Texas: It’s a cold desert town in Texas. Marfa is included in the list of “Awesome Little Town”. In the middle of the
desert, there is a tiny Prada museum which is mainly known for its arts and paranormal activities. That is why sometimes Marfa is referred to as ghost towns due to its creative kinds of house.

· Palm Desert: Residents of Palm spring lives in Palm Desert and the reviews of this place are great. Everything is available therefor a holiday package including shopping, dining, golfing, and a number of outdoor adventures make this a great place to stay.

Lake Placid, New York: If you want to go for a mountain vacation, Lake Placid is the best place to go. The two-time
Olympic host town best known for American sports, warm-weather golfing in Westport Country Club, Saranac Lake Golf Club or Ticonderoga Country Club. the country’s oldest mountain for vacations mainly for its amazing scene