7 Photography Hacks You Didn’t Know

Life is beautiful and life through a lens is just spectacular. Whether it’s a hobby for you or you practice photography professionally, there a few hacks that would definitely make your photos better and help enhance the experience you have while taking photos. Let us take a look at 7 photography hacks that you probably did not know about.

1. If you are on holiday or have been assigned a project that involves shooting of an iconic feature or landmark then you must know the frustration that comes with other people messing up the view of your shot. Luckily though there is a hack that ensures you no longer have to worry about the tourists or other people posing or walking around the object you wish to capture through your lens. Make sure to take at least 15 photos of the object you desire, a tripod would come in handy to ensure the images are from the same angle and stationary, one in every 10 seconds is okay. You then simply access photo shop (an app available on the internet for download) and choose the median option and watch the magic happen. The application automatically deletes every aspect that is different from every photo and since the people in the pictures were moving they are automatically taken off the photos and you are left with a clean shot of the landmark.

2. What every photographer will tell you is that there is nothing harder than getting a shot of kids since they never seem to stand still long enough for you to get that perfect shot. Well no longer will this predicament plague your shoots. You don’t need duct tape to hold the wee ones down; you just need to outsmart them. Use your camera’s hotshoe as a dispenser for PEZ and this bribe will have the kids looking at you for as long as you want provided you live up to your end of the bargain and give them some candy after the shoot is done.

3. The weather may not always be in sync with the idea you have in mind about a shot. There is a way however that you can recreate exactly what you thinking of by the use of what you have lying around in your house. Suppose you want a backdrop of a summer afternoon where the light is pouring over the blinds. All you need to do is find a cardboard and create blocks of equal length by cutting pieces off the cardboard. Get a good source of lighting and place the cardboard between it and what you intend to shoot. The effect recreates the perfect afternoon sun through blinds and makes for an amazing photo.

4. Perfect lighting may not always be possible when taking photos of stationary objects especially for the photographer on a budget, but this shouldn’t stop you from taking amazing photos. Set up your camera on a tripod stand and set it to a low shutter speed. Then switch off the lights and make sure the room is pitch black before pointing your smart phone flashlight towards the object you are shooting. The end result is a beautiful picture with perfect lighting.

5. This amazing hack is assured of putting a smile on your face. You probably dint know that retracting your camera lens, turning it around and holding it in front of the camera you wish to take a photo with ensures you have yourself a macro lens that takes amazing quality photos.

6. Would you want to make the photos taken during the day appear to have been taken during the night? All you have to do is change your camera’s setting for the subject to expose after turning the flash on your camera all the way up and taking a photo. The flash didn’t hit the object being shot and the result is a dark background and an amazing photo.

7. The oldest trick in the book. Want to take a stationary photo but don’t have a professional camera tripod stand? Find the closest lamp and do away with the lamp shade and attach your camera onto the lamp shade holder by screwing it on and this makes for an amazing shoot.