5 Superior Tips for Staying Active When Overworking

Much has happened over the years which has resulted in many of us often feeling overworked. A typical 9-5 routine is no longer a custom mostly for high performing executives and tons of people spread over different demanding professions. Not forgetting to mention entrepreneurs. The truth is many people who have these completely weird schedules and work for more than 8 hours a day are struggling to discover ways to stay active and in shape. If this sounds like you, this article is for you.

1. You need a good diet

Foods that are high in sugar and calories are known to make it harder for people working longer hours to cope with stress. Stress is actually a huge hindrance to staying active. Not forgetting to mention that success or failure in your line of work largely relies on what you eat.

In order to remain active for long, go ahead and make not only healthy but balanced choices when it comes to what you should consume. Healthy snacks such as sliced veggies, fresh fruits and nuts or foods that are whole and unprocessed make a perfect choice of what can keep you energetic all day along.

2. Devote a few Minutes to Yourself after waking up

Let’s admit it, a calm mind is a fertile one. Soon as you blow up its fertility, it becomes unproductive which is exactly what we do when we kick out of bed and jump into the internet. Checking the notifications on your social media accounts or logging into your email is a complete recipe for getting cortisol or other dreadful stress hormones active.

So set aside 10-15 minutes every morning to indulge in meditation and planning for the day ahead. From there onwards, you will feel more relaxed, organized, focused, and ready to take on what lies ahead. Your entire time at work will be characterized by productiveness and action.

3. Throw in a few exercises

When you are kind to your body, it will reward you back. It’s obvious that having a crazy schedule easily ties you in a vicious cycle. You will possibly lack time to take care of your body which will often leave you feeling fatigued, bored and tired. When this happens, you will definitely become less effective and lethargic.

To start you off, never be afraid of engaging in brief workouts here and there if you can. You can do planks or push ups in your office or cubicle. Walk up and down the stairs a few times when you can. Engage in squats when you find yourself in the supply room and so on and so forth.

They may not look like much but when all of them add up, you will feel strengthened, full of energy and of course active.

4. Avoid multitasking

Almost every health expert agrees that multitasking is harmful to a person’s health. Multiple studies also reveal that if you multitask you accomplish less compared to the person who does one task at a time. Putting your brain to task by serving it stacks of tasks to accomplish depletes its creativity, productiveness and energy. You will be as good as ineffective when it comes to completing tasks that follow up later. So rather than multi-task, simply do one task at a time. Aside from completing it faster, you will also do it fittingly.

5. Be bold enough to say NO

Not many of us can boldly admit to having said No when it really mattered common reason being fear and guilt. But what many of haven’t figured out yet is that by simply saying no, you allow yourself more time and chance to accomplish more. Distractions are known to affect productivity. Saying no doesn’t mean you are rude. You might make up to the person later and sort your issues out. Prioritizing what’s important will assist you to get so much done while at the same time, you will be able to effectively take care of everything you are set to do.

So there you have it, folks. Don’t let longer working hours suck out of you every little energy and life left. You can keep yourself active and productive all that time when you put to action every step we’ve mentioned. Remember to be kind, fair and honest to yourself. Be bold enough to face your challenges and let your determination do the rest for you. Good luck ahead.