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10 Fantastic Spots To Hike and See Landscape in 2017

Are you a professional mountaineer or just loves to hike and explore the beauty of Mother Nature? Prepare your passport and bank cheques as I have listed 10 Fantastic Spots to hike and see Landscape in different countries you can consider to visit this year 2017.

1. Fjord, Norway – The marvelous landscapes of Fjord Norway were created by a succession of ice ages and haven’t changed much since. A fjord is thus a U-shaped undersea valley, and on the west coast, this valley is often surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery. There are several pathways for hiking in Fjord, Norway. If you will hike with families and children, there are gentle paths you can take. The step Preikestolen cliff o Trolltunga are favorite among tourists.

2. Mt. Kiltepan in Sagada, Philippines – This is one of the famous hiking place in the North of Luzon, Philippines due to its cold weather and breathtaking view. This mountain gives its visitors a breath-taking view of Sagada Rice Terraces as the sun rises above an amazing sea of clouds. Around this place, there are also hanging coffins. The hanging of coffins on the cliff comes from the religious belief that it brings the dead closer to God.

3. Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia – Mt. Kinabalu is located on the island of Sabah, Malaysia and is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. This mountain has a mossy forest with its stunted vegetation. It is also famous for its rock-dominated summit. Climbing this mountain is also ideal for those who will try out a High Altitude Climbing for the first time; it will be a 2-day hike.

4. The Snowman Trek in Bhutan – This is the most difficult trek in Bhutan, because of the high altitude for nearly three weeks. The journey doesn’t disappoint with its breathtaking landscapes and Buddhist culture. Before planning to go to this place, ensure that you are physically and mentally healthy and is ready for camping at high altitude.

5. The Great Wall of China – The Great Wall of China is consisting of walls and fortifications, many running parallel to each other. This wall is the most extensive construction project ever completed. It was built to prevent incursions from the barbarian nomads into the Chinese Empire. This is a 12-kilometer hike. It is recommended to visit this place on April and May as the weather is cool and fresh and fewer crowds

6. Routeburn Track in New Zealand – This is an easy and picturesque 3-day trekking adventure that stretches over 20 mile. This is not a loop track and can be walked in either direction; on track end is at the Routeburn Shelter and the other is at The Divide. It is recommended that this track be avoided between May-September due to high risk of avalanches.

7. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona – It is the 15th oldest national park in the United States. It is known for its size and colorful landscape. Starting your hike with a brutal downhill descent makes the Grand Canyon hike different from any other and can challenge even experienced hikers who aren’t used to it. Do not forget to bring plenty of water, especially during summer.

8. Mount Mitake in Japan – This is one of the many highlights if the Chichibu-Tama-Kai Natinal Park. It offers you a scenic experience of authentic Japanese Culture with little temples along the mountains. Trail is good for beginners and can be reached in less than two hours from central Tokyo.

9. Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines – This is very popular for Filipinos due to its volcanic eruption on 1991 that claimed thousands of lives. The volcano tpday is a safe place to hike. Many tourist pays visit to Mt. Pinatubo because of its crater lake that has white sand and clear turquoise waters, however it is not advisable to swim in the water of the lake.

10. Mount Bromo in Indonesia – Known as one of the world’s most active volcano, Mount Bromo has certain trails marked off due to its risky nature. It is mostly visited for its surreal beauty and large crater. Basically, people go to this place for a combination of beauty and danger.

Those are the10 fantastic spot to hike and see landscape for this year. Hope you can visit most of these places before the year-ends. As Samuel Johnson says “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.”

Where is the Photography Industry Heading in the Future

Advancement in technology has led to the development of high resolution, extremely high quality cameras that can capture high definition videos and detailed photos instantly. You can capture stunning pictures that are clear and bright from far distances. One can only imagine where the photography industry will be years to come. Apple was introduced just five years and today most people use it as their main camera and one of the most advanced and prestigious devices available in the market. Manufacturers try to have foresight into future advancement in devices to predict how the industry is likely to evolve technologically. Judging from the perspectives of some top manufactures it is possible to predict where the photography industry is headed.

Where is the Photography Industry Heading in the Future

· Mirrorless Cameras- There is likely to be development of mirrorless cameras that employ mobile technology. Many people have embraced the idea of taking photos and imaging has become a significant factor of people’s lives. In years to come, imaging will become an even greater part of people’s lives. ILC cameras will not go into extinction as they play a unique set of roles to a different type of consumer. Many people use phones to take photos hence it is likely that phone industry will be focused on creating communication devices with high definition cameras.

· The benefits of mirrorless cameras, from EVF, ease-of-use, portability, affordability and connectivity, are becoming apparent and industries have to adopt the idea in manufacturing devices. Mirrorless camera category has shown strongest growth segment out of all of cameras.

· Appearance- People in the modern world prefers elegant seamless cameras that are highly appealing. More cameras made to have a stylish designed and this trend will grow more in the future.

· Features- The cameras will have high level of connectivity and will have advanced photographic features. More camera designs are increasingly been employed in making new cameras and technologies such as sensor design ensure high-resolution images with low light performance. Incorporating new sensor AF technologies into the sensor make mirrorless platforms have high accuracy and speed compared to previous cameras.

· Video and Image Quality- Sensor, software, lens and video technology will incorporate additional horsepower enabling people to capture more imagery. Today people use video in photograpghy especially to share in social network and companies are struggling to position themselves as leaders in hybrid photography. There will be more innovation in regards to capturing moving images that are of high quality. Cameras will feature advanced sensors as well as advanced optical technologies for high quality videography and photography in response to market demand.

· Customer Support-Companies are not only focused on pushing innovation but also building customer loyalty with the aim of building an army of fans Customers are loyal to brands that suit their need and developing tools that exceed their expectation. In response to this need, photography industries will provide customers with consistent firmware updates for their lineup of products.

Photography industry is increasingly becoming more advanced and one can easily see that in the future there will be development of highly advanced superior performance cameras that will capture high definition videos and stunning pictures than ever before.

7 Photography Hacks You Didn’t Know

Life is beautiful and life through a lens is just spectacular. Whether it’s a hobby for you or you practice photography professionally, there a few hacks that would definitely make your photos better and help enhance the experience you have while taking photos. Let us take a look at 7 photography hacks that you probably did not know about.

1. If you are on holiday or have been assigned a project that involves shooting of an iconic feature or landmark then you must know the frustration that comes with other people messing up the view of your shot. Luckily though there is a hack that ensures you no longer have to worry about the tourists or other people posing or walking around the object you wish to capture through your lens. Make sure to take at least 15 photos of the object you desire, a tripod would come in handy to ensure the images are from the same angle and stationary, one in every 10 seconds is okay. You then simply access photo shop (an app available on the internet for download) and choose the median option and watch the magic happen. The application automatically deletes every aspect that is different from every photo and since the people in the pictures were moving they are automatically taken off the photos and you are left with a clean shot of the landmark.

2. What every photographer will tell you is that there is nothing harder than getting a shot of kids since they never seem to stand still long enough for you to get that perfect shot. Well no longer will this predicament plague your shoots. You don’t need duct tape to hold the wee ones down; you just need to outsmart them. Use your camera’s hotshoe as a dispenser for PEZ and this bribe will have the kids looking at you for as long as you want provided you live up to your end of the bargain and give them some candy after the shoot is done.

3. The weather may not always be in sync with the idea you have in mind about a shot. There is a way however that you can recreate exactly what you thinking of by the use of what you have lying around in your house. Suppose you want a backdrop of a summer afternoon where the light is pouring over the blinds. All you need to do is find a cardboard and create blocks of equal length by cutting pieces off the cardboard. Get a good source of lighting and place the cardboard between it and what you intend to shoot. The effect recreates the perfect afternoon sun through blinds and makes for an amazing photo.

4. Perfect lighting may not always be possible when taking photos of stationary objects especially for the photographer on a budget, but this shouldn’t stop you from taking amazing photos. Set up your camera on a tripod stand and set it to a low shutter speed. Then switch off the lights and make sure the room is pitch black before pointing your smart phone flashlight towards the object you are shooting. The end result is a beautiful picture with perfect lighting.

5. This amazing hack is assured of putting a smile on your face. You probably dint know that retracting your camera lens, turning it around and holding it in front of the camera you wish to take a photo with ensures you have yourself a macro lens that takes amazing quality photos.

6. Would you want to make the photos taken during the day appear to have been taken during the night? All you have to do is change your camera’s setting for the subject to expose after turning the flash on your camera all the way up and taking a photo. The flash didn’t hit the object being shot and the result is a dark background and an amazing photo.

7. The oldest trick in the book. Want to take a stationary photo but don’t have a professional camera tripod stand? Find the closest lamp and do away with the lamp shade and attach your camera onto the lamp shade holder by screwing it on and this makes for an amazing shoot.


10 fun things you can do with your dogs or cats

Dogs and cats are like human best friend. They could understand better our feelings without we need to express to them. Over time dogs and cats will learn to understand what certain human communication sounds mean. They do recognize words that we frequently utter to them. Let say we call our cat’s name “Nala”, after few times she will acknowledge that is her name and would come to us. Same goes to dogs which have smarter thinking compared to cats. The uniqueness of these animals have made human love them more and more and feels like they are our own family.

1. Play with Them

Since they are our favourite pets, what should we do to ensure they have fun life with us? Here are 10 fun things you can do with your dogs and cats. First, if you are someone who has very busy life and always leave your pets at home during your working hours, make sure after returning home you spend your time to the fullest with them. Pets need attention, just like human beings. Do not leave your pets in a cage since they have very limited freedom if you do this. Just let them walk around your house during your absence and leave adequate foods and drinks for them. Everytime you return home, cheer them up by playing with them since they really miss you when you are not around.

2. Bring for a Walk

If you have extra time after returning from work, bring your pets for a walk around your residential area. 30 minutes’ walk is enough to make your pets happy and tighten the bonding between you and them. Animals need to socialize just like us hence do not ignore their desire to meet new people and friends.

3. Backpack

Do you know that most animals love to travel just like us? Yes they do. They have the same enjoyable instinct whenever they sees new place and could easily adapt with new environment if you practice this to them since they are small. However, if you want to travel to places with trekking activity, ask for guidance from traveler expert since cats and dogs have different physical fitness from us.

4. Day Trips

Instead of accompany them for a walk, how about taking them for car ride? Yes some pets afraid of being in a car since it is a completely different place for them. If you trained them to take a car ride, they will get used to it and getting more excited than you during the ride.

5. Bring them to park

This is a place where your pets can play as long as they want and they are free to step on everywhere. They could make more friends from here.

6. Frisbee

Frisbee training is the smartest way to train your pets becoming active and healthy. Besides of you enjoying the bond with the pet, you could also help your pets to stimulate their brain.

7. Buy them Games

Easiest way to make your pets enjoy at home is provide them with several games such as ball or boxes where they could hide themselves and play with it.

8. Shower Them

Pets really enjoy when you shower them since this could show your sense of care to them and clean their body.

9. Talk to Them

Yes it sounds a bit weird, but pets are really happy when you talk to them. At some point, they could understand what you are saying

10. Sleep with Them

Sleep with your pets could make them feel more comfortable and protected. Spend this tie wisely with your pets.

Which Places Are the Best to Travel for Photography?

The best place for photography can vary from one individual to another. There are some who consider nature as serene, and thus their photographic areas would be in natural habitats, woodland savannah, rainforest, and national parks among others. Others are adventurous and like dangerous places to go for photography like under the water and other daring places.

Scientists would look for areas to do photography that can generate particular information. However, in this piece, we will concentrate best places to travel and take photos for fun, as a leisure activity or during a vacation.

1. Western Cape of South Africa

It is found in South Africa the second largest country in the world. It is the southernmost region of the African continent.

The reason is it one of the most famous places in the world where scuba diving occurred with great white sharks. The Western Cape Wineland is an attractive site with beautiful landscape consisting of Sonoma and Napa Valleys not to mention the beautiful landscape. This Winelands also have high-quality wines.

The western coastal shores provide an awesome beach that has amazing rugged cliffs joining the ocean. Snow tipped, and rocky mountains are also present making the event memorable.

2. The Drake Passage, South America to Antarctica

This is a 500-mile strait cliff like which separates the southern point of South America and the southern Shetland Islands of Antarctica. It carries 600 times larger volumes of water than Amazon.

The reason it is a great photography site is, the raging currents and waves can create a scene and a moment to capture. The weather around this place can be wild and the storms ferocious. That why photographers need to carry a circular polarizer for the camera though sunny to protect the lens from rain and water spray.

3. Zhangjiajie in China

This place is an excellent choice for that selection for those who love technology and are mesmerized by the technological advancements.

In Zhangjiajie, there exists the tallest and longest world-class bridge. It is about 100o feet above the ground. Apart from this, it is made of glass. At first, even the residents were unable to walk on it as it seemed too risky. It attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

Because of its height, it offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. The bridge is 1400 feet and compared to the Grand Canyon which is only 69 feet; it is amazing what human mind can attain.


Here one will see different wild animals and the migration of the wild beasts across the crocodile-infested Mara River. Fewer restrictions exist in Kenya regarding photography and entrance to the park. Further, there are traditional dancers from the Maasai community who offer entertainment is a great way.

Traveling to the places above for photography brings a blend between the current worlds that we live in, wildlife and the historic sites. It is amazing and thrilling to look at some created features and animals. Watching divers in shark-infested placed or a glass bridge or a scenic strait can be therapeutic and relaxing.

5 Superior Tips for Staying Active When Overworking

Much has happened over the years which has resulted in many of us often feeling overworked. A typical 9-5 routine is no longer a custom mostly for high performing executives and tons of people spread over different demanding professions. Not forgetting to mention entrepreneurs. The truth is many people who have these completely weird schedules and work for more than 8 hours a day are struggling to discover ways to stay active and in shape. If this sounds like you, this article is for you.

1. You need a good diet

Foods that are high in sugar and calories are known to make it harder for people working longer hours to cope with stress. Stress is actually a huge hindrance to staying active. Not forgetting to mention that success or failure in your line of work largely relies on what you eat.

In order to remain active for long, go ahead and make not only healthy but balanced choices when it comes to what you should consume. Healthy snacks such as sliced veggies, fresh fruits and nuts or foods that are whole and unprocessed make a perfect choice of what can keep you energetic all day along.

2. Devote a few Minutes to Yourself after waking up

Let’s admit it, a calm mind is a fertile one. Soon as you blow up its fertility, it becomes unproductive which is exactly what we do when we kick out of bed and jump into the internet. Checking the notifications on your social media accounts or logging into your email is a complete recipe for getting cortisol or other dreadful stress hormones active.

So set aside 10-15 minutes every morning to indulge in meditation and planning for the day ahead. From there onwards, you will feel more relaxed, organized, focused, and ready to take on what lies ahead. Your entire time at work will be characterized by productiveness and action.

3. Throw in a few exercises

When you are kind to your body, it will reward you back. It’s obvious that having a crazy schedule easily ties you in a vicious cycle. You will possibly lack time to take care of your body which will often leave you feeling fatigued, bored and tired. When this happens, you will definitely become less effective and lethargic.

To start you off, never be afraid of engaging in brief workouts here and there if you can. You can do planks or push ups in your office or cubicle. Walk up and down the stairs a few times when you can. Engage in squats when you find yourself in the supply room and so on and so forth.

They may not look like much but when all of them add up, you will feel strengthened, full of energy and of course active.

4. Avoid multitasking

Almost every health expert agrees that multitasking is harmful to a person’s health. Multiple studies also reveal that if you multitask you accomplish less compared to the person who does one task at a time. Putting your brain to task by serving it stacks of tasks to accomplish depletes its creativity, productiveness and energy. You will be as good as ineffective when it comes to completing tasks that follow up later. So rather than multi-task, simply do one task at a time. Aside from completing it faster, you will also do it fittingly.

5. Be bold enough to say NO

Not many of us can boldly admit to having said No when it really mattered common reason being fear and guilt. But what many of haven’t figured out yet is that by simply saying no, you allow yourself more time and chance to accomplish more. Distractions are known to affect productivity. Saying no doesn’t mean you are rude. You might make up to the person later and sort your issues out. Prioritizing what’s important will assist you to get so much done while at the same time, you will be able to effectively take care of everything you are set to do.

So there you have it, folks. Don’t let longer working hours suck out of you every little energy and life left. You can keep yourself active and productive all that time when you put to action every step we’ve mentioned. Remember to be kind, fair and honest to yourself. Be bold enough to face your challenges and let your determination do the rest for you. Good luck ahead.

Tips for Renting a Photo Booth for Your Event

A photo booth is the perfect addition to any event, whether you’re throwing a birthday party or planning your wedding reception. However, with many different photo booth rental companies to choose from, you need to make a wise decision. Before hiring a company, here are a few tips you need to follow. With these tips, you’ll be able to make the right decision for your big event.

Tip #1 – Find Out How Many People the Booth Accommodates

When renting a photo booth, make sure that you find out how many people the boot accommodates before making your decision. When you have a big event, you don’t want guests to have to wait in long lines to enjoy the photo booth. Some booths may only accommodate a couple people, while larger booths may easily allow more people in at a time. If the company only allows 2-3 people in the booth at a time, consider having multiple booths on hand or hire a company that provide larger photo booths to accommodate all your guests without a problem. Photo booths lose all the fun if guests have to wait for an hour to take pictures.

Tip #2 – Ask About the Quality of the Camera and Printer

It’s also a good idea to ask the company about the quality of the camera and printer used in the photo booth rental. This is so important, since it will affect the quality of the pictures or any online photos if applicable. Consider looking for booths that use professional photography cameras that offer high quality images. You’ll also want a booth that has a quality laser jet or sub-dye printer in it to offer great photos. Find out if the photos from the booth can be placed online for guests as well.

Tip #3 – Check to See What’s Included in Rental Packages

Next, check to see what’s included in the rental packages before renting a photo booth from a company. Some companies will offer packages that come with unlimited photos during your event. However, other companies may only include a certain amount of photos in the package. Ask about any additional fees for deliver and setup as well. You’ll want to know how much you are going to pay before you decide to rent the photo booth. There are different photo booths for different instances, such as a wedding photo booth rental, party photo booths, corporate photo booths.

Tip #4 – Find Out How Long the Company Has Been in Business

Since you probably need to book the photo booth rental well in advance, it’s a good idea to find out how long the company has been in business. You don’t want the company to go out of business before you get to enjoy your rental. Consider companies that have a couple years of experience under their belt. This way you can count on the company being around when you make a deposit on a photo booth rental.

Photo booth rentals offer plenty of fun and excitement for any event. Make sure you keep these tips in mind and you’ll find the right company to deal with your photo booth needs.

How exercise can help people mentally as well as physically

personal fitness trainer

It’s a well-known fact that people take regular physical exercise to help them to stay fit and to assist with managing their weight. But did you know that physical exercise is also good for your mental health too?

The reason behind this fact is that when you take physical exercise, one of the effects (apart from improving muscle tone and strengthening cardiovascular health) is that the exercise causes your body to release endorphins.

Endorphins are brain chemicals that are somewhat akin to morphine. They are manufactured and released under various circumstances such as when in pain, when under emotional stress, and of course, when you undertake physical exercise.

Whatever your age, gender, or fitness level, it has been scientifically proven that the endorphins released during exercise provide significant mental health benefits. Here are a few examples of how physical exercise can boost mental health and well-being.

Lessen stress

If you get stressed-out at work, just take a short walk or go to the gym for a workout. Exercise like this boosts your body’s levels of norepinephrine; a chemical that can help your brain to handle stress. We see many companies like Build Yourself Fitness who are helping people get fit in their own homes, this added bonus also means people don’t have to travel their gyms, which is extra stress, the comfort of your own home can help these alleviate any stressful conditions that a gym can cause for someone who is out of shape and looking to get fit as well.

Increase levels of feel-good chemicals

The endorphins that are released during exercise create feelings of happiness and well-being. In addition, scientific studies have also shown that these chemicals can help to alleviate the symptoms of those suffering from clinical depression. It’s one of the reasons that doctors often recommend exercise for people suffering from depression. It can be just as effective as antidepressant tablets.

Boost your self-confidence

As you improve your fitness and manage your weight, your levels of self-confidence and self-esteem will also grow. It’s partly to do with the fact that you are bringing about positive changes to body and your well-being, and that you will also be improving your appearance.

Help to postpone cognitive decline

The fact is that as we age, our brains begin to a little more cloudy. What exercise can do for you is to improve the levels of brain chemicals that help to beef-up your brain up against degenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia. This is because these chemicals prevent the weakening of the hippocampus.

Increase your brain power

Past studies carried out on test mice and humans have shown that regular physical exercise can boost the power of your brain. A part of the effects of cardiovascular exercise is something called neurogenesis, which means the creation of new brain cells. It also results in the production of a chemical known as BDNF, which is a brain derived protein.

As well as being thought to help with decision-making, BDNF facilitates better thinking and learning capabilities.

Boosting memory

Last, but by no means least, physical exercise can improve your memory. This is down to the fact that exercise boosts the manufacture of new cell growth in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that handles memory.

All it takes is 30 minutes 3 or 4 times per week

Just 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, 3 or 4 times per week will not only improve your physical health and well-being, but your mental health too.

5 Ways To Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy


Your pet, whether indoors or outdoors, should have their own space that they can call their own. When inside, having a pet bed of some sort, where your pet can stretch out, will offer comfort both physically and mentally. If you have a dog, you can reserve a corner where he can go to be left undisturbed. If you have a cat, getting a climber with an enclosed area for your cat to curl up inside is usually a winner. If you have a cat that doesn’t like using a climber, you can reserve his favorite shelf for his use. Whatever the case, a little alone time with a comfy place to relax will make your pet a happy one.

Proper Pet Feeding

Buying the cheapest dog or cat food on the market isn’t the best way to ensure your pet’s digestive health. It’s also, usually, not very good for them. Can you imagine eating something that, not only tastes disgusting but, was also bad for you? Dogs and cats can’t eat the same food for a variety of different digestive reasons. They also require a specific diet depending on their breed. You also need to make sure to give them fresh, clean, water a few times a day. A water dish will get filled with all manner of nasty things such as backwash, dirt, and dust. It also gets stale tasting which might be why your dog or cat is trying to drink from the toilet or faucet.


Sometimes it’s not enough to just take your dog for a quick walk around the block for exercise. It may be ok if your breed of dog is a small one, but not for larger breeds or breeds that require a lot of activity. Playing games with your pet not only helps with his physical health but with his emotional well being. The proper amount of exercise can also keep him from getting into mischief in the house. One of the best ways to get exercise is by bringing your dog to a park or to dog boarding where there is a large compound where the dogs can run around freely, we saw such a compound at

Vet Care & Hygiene

The care of a good vet can’t be replaced. Taking your pet to see their vet should take place every time your pet needs his check up. Dental cleaning is also part of great hygiene and will help in keeping your pet healthy. Flea and tick preventative should always be used and your dog or cat should be checked for heartworms and treated with heartworm preventative as well. Vitamins are also a great idea for your pets.


Your pet needs your time and attention. A pet isn’t just around to be fed and watered. They’re your companion. Taking the time out of your day to teach them new things and to give them your love is a key ingredient to a healthy pet. Without your attention, your pet could be withering. They could be causing mischief to try and get your attention. Just as a child will do bad things to gain your attention, so will a pet. Loving and showing your pet affection can go a long way toward the health and well-being of your dog or cat.